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Metso has received two orders from operations located in Peru, the first being an order from Southern Peru Copper Corporation, a Grupo Mexico subsidiary, for the delivery of tankhouse material handling solutions.

Under the €10 million ($16 million) plus order, the solutions will be delivered to Southern Peru Copper’s Ilo and Toquepala copper cathode production plants in Peru.

Metso will specifically deliver cathode stripping machines for the Ilo electrorefinery and Toquepala electrowinning process.

According to Metso, the machines are based on proven design to ensure high safety and long-term reliability. Both utilise modern robotic electrode handling to optimise layout and material handling efficiency in the existing processes.

“We are pleased to continue our collaboration with Grupo Mexico, with which we have for a long-time shared knowledge and provided equipment,” Metso vice president hydrometallurgy business line Mikko Rantaharju said.

“At Ilo, new cathode handling technology will be implemented at the tankhouse, whereas in Toquepala, the existing stripping machine will be replaced with a new one.

“In both cases, Metso’s cathode stripping machines will enable stable production fulfilling the material handling requirements of both plants.”

The mining services company will also deliver several thickeners and filters to a mine water treatment project in Peru.

Under the €15 million ($24 million) contract, Metso will deliver automatic EBS series liquid filters with an electric self-cleaning mechanism for ultra-fine filtration, as well as several high-rate thickeners operating in a high-density sludge mine water treatment application.

The thickeners include the Reactorwell feed system and were designed with bolted stainless-steel construction for high corrosion resistance and fast installation.

The thickeners are part of Metso’s planet positive range. Metso defines ‘planet positive’ as products and services that are distinctive from a sustainability perspective, address customers’ sustainability needs, and build on its competitive advantages.

Metso’s ‘planet positive’ portfolio is considered to be more energy- or water-efficient than the industry benchmark, and is made up of over 100 products.

“We are pleased to continue working with this important customer in Peru to support their needs in mine water treatment with our planet positive thickening solutions,” Metso vice president thickening and clarification Brian Berger said.

“The environmentally sound high-rate thickeners will have an important role in ensuring a reliable operation and meeting the customer’s project criteria for high performance, fast installation and low maintenance.”