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The ANDRITZ belt press CPF-Q is a continuously operating, heavy-duty belt filter press manufactured in a modular design with unique flexibility for the efficient, responsible, and high-throughput dewatering of coal tailings.

The robust ANDRITZ heavy-duty belt press comprises impressive features such as a reliable belt tension system and a flexible drive (hydraulic or electric). Its efficiency can be further enhanced by integrating the Metris addIQ RheoScan.

The Metris addIQ RheoScan is an AI-powered camera system that automatically adjusts and optimises the polymer dose 24–7. It provides maximum flexibility for remote monitoring, eliminating the need for constant on-site supervision.

The ANDRITZ heavy-duty belt press can achieve up to 50 per cent higher throughputs compared to other comparable competitor machines, low residual moisture of the final product, optimised flocculant consumption with RheoScan, reliable non-stop operation and high availability, and flexible operating parameters. The belt press has a small footprint with easy access for maintenance.