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The leaders of Poland and Ukraine announced in Warsaw their desire to form a legion of Ukrainian volunteers on Polish territory and to include Polish companies in the reconstruction of the energy sector on the Dnieper. Poles also want to transmit energy generated from coal to Ukraine with EU funding.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky declared he would “patronize” the country’s reconstruction plan after the war with the participation of businesses from Poland. “Polish businesses are well informed about the state of the energy sector, and the reconstruction of Ukraine will not take place without the help of allies,” assured President Volodymyr Zelensky, emphasizing that Poland’s energy sector participates heavily in supporting Ukraine.

Zelensky stated that Poland and Ukraine discussed strengthening air defense for the energy sector. The Prime Minister of Poland said that they also talked about energy supplies from Poland before the winter after the destruction of the energy sector on the Dnieper. “We are working on being able to burn Polish coal, of which we have a lot, and not pay for emissions, and transmit power generated from Polish coal for European money via an energy bridge to Ukraine,” the Prime Minister said.

President Zelensky visited Poland ahead of the NATO summit in Washington this week. The visit took place on the day Russians bombed a children’s hospital in Kyiv. This is another attack on critical infrastructure. The number of attacks on the energy sector is also increasing. The leaders of Ukraine and Poland stressed in Warsaw that after the victory it will be necessary to rebuild the energy sector on the Dnieper with the general participation of Polish companies.

Tusk and Zelensky signed an agreement in Warsaw on security cooperation between Poland and Ukraine.